• “Wow! Not only did Dr. Risos help my husband’s sleep breathing or obstructive sleep apnea, but I am now getting the best sleep I’ve had in years, because he is finally sleeping! Thanks Dr. Risos!!”

    K. Durnell

  • “I was on my last straw. I was miserable. I couldn’t sleep, I was choking in my sleep, and it was beginning to affect my health. Thank goodness I found Dr. Risos. The custom appliance I now wear in my mouth for sleep apnea made by her has changed everything!”

    T. Pham

  • “You have to meet Dr. Risos! She is amazing! She explains everything very thoroughly and at a level one can understand. I left her office feeling comfortable with the treatment that I committed to. I am so glad that that I chose Dr. Risos to treat my sleep breathing and sleep airway issues.”

    A. Dixon

  • “I am so well rested now after letting Dr. Risos treat my sleep apnea, that I actually have enough energy to exercise again! I have lost almost 15 pounds in month and a half!! It’s great!”

    B. Kirkshaw

  • “If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, can’t sleep, have problems breathing or choking in your sleep, then I highly recommend you visit Dr. Risos! There was no way I could wear that machine over my nose and mouth. Thank goodness of the dental appliance. I’ve never been more pleased! “

    C. Petno